Nanotech 2010

Control of solid surface properties by electron beam processing

I.V. Vasiljeva, S.V. Mjakin
Engineering Technology Center RADIANT, Ltd., RU

Keywords: electron beam processing, solids, functional groups, silica, capillaries, oxides, sorbents, ceramics, phosphors, polymers


The effect of electron beam treatment upon various materials (oxides, sulfides, ceramics, polymers) is studied to clarify the general features of chemical reactions involving surface functional groups in correlation with the process parameters. The mechanisms and common features of electron beam induced transformations on the surface of solids are revealed using the adsorption of acid-base indicators with different pKa values, IR spectroscopy, contact wetting angle and surface tension measurements for boundaries with various liquids. The studied approaches to the control over the surface functionality are successfully applied in the modification of such materials as fused silica for electrochromatographic capillaries, ceramics, sorbents, electroluminecent phosphors and polymers providing an enhancement of their exploration performances at optimized processing parameters.
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