Nanotech 2010

Synthesis of Multicolored Chitosan–Quantum Dots for Biomedical Marker

J.K. Kwon, I.J. Kang
Kyungwon University, KR

Keywords: chitosan nanoparticles, luminescent quantum dots


Biodegradable polymers can play a good role as biomarkers of drug delivery systems. Biocompatible macromolecules have characteristics that accord well with the purpose of DDS to maintain the proper dosage of drugs or fluorescent materials in the body for a long time, and thus to maintain their remedy effect. For the macromolecules that be applied to drug delivery, they should have properties that are bio-applicability, bio-adaptability, biodegradability, low molecular weight, and non-toxicicity. Luminescent quantum dots (QDs) have ideal optical properties and can be used to mark on chitosan nanoparticles in the area of bio-detection and bio-imaging. While chitosan micro-beads are generally useful for multiplexed immunoassays, they are not suitable for the labeling of sub-cellular components or intracellular analysis because they are relatively large in size. When an MPA-capped QD can be bonded on the outer layer of chitosan nanoparticles, the carboxyl group of QD can be chemically bonded to the amine groups of chitosan. This method was extended to the encapsulation of chitosan with multicolored QDs and other colloidal nanoparticles. Chitosan-QD nanoparticles with a multicolored QD can be applied to drug delivery systems (DDS) and biomedical markers.
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