Nanotech 2010

Preparation of COS-gold Nanoshell as a Drug Delivery Carrier

I.H. Cho, I.J. Kang
Kyungwon University, KR

Keywords: chitosan oligosaccharide, gold nanoparticles, COS-gold nanoshell


Drug delivery system has been applied to decrease the side effects and increase the effectiveness of medication when patients took medicine in the vehicle that was important factor in DDS. Drugs display its noble effects and keep the concentration of blood under the treatment, and the side effect of drug can be removed as soon as possible after the treatment. The molecular weight and size of drug particles on the carrier molecule have important influence on the permeation and diffusion of medication in the DDS. In addition, drug delivery vehicle should be biocompatible and biodegradable material for useful diffusion and permeation in the human body. Biodegradable COS (Chitooligosaccharide) has been prepared commercially by deacetylation and hydrolysis of crab shell and has advantage of rapid diffusing and easily permeating because of low molecular polymer. In this work, COS nanoparticles was prepared using reducing agent in the presence of tripolyphosphate and COS-gold nanoshell was synthesized by the utilization of interactive force between the low molecular chitooligosaccharide that retains the native properties of chitosan and gold nanoparticles which were lately interested in the area of cancer treatment.
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