Nanotech 2010

Cleaning 10nm ceramic particles by the supersonic particle beam

I. Kim, K. Hwang, J.W. Lee

Keywords: nanoparticle cleaning, cryogenic particle beam, supersonic nozzle


Cryogenic aerosol beam using micron-sized aerosol particles has long been successfully used to remove contaminant particles down to 50nm, and supersonic particle beam using particles smaller than 100nm lowered the limit of cleaning down to 20nm size. In this study, the supersonic particle beam technique was improved so that the cleaning limit could be lowered to 10nm size range for ceramic contaminant particles. Four different kinds of particles were generated using Ar, N2, Ar/N2 or CO2 gas with or without He carrier gas. Cleaning performance for 10nm contaminant particle was sensitive to the combined condition of the beam particle size and velocity. Optimum condition for particle size and velocity were sought by varying the nozzle contour and stagnation temperature and pressure. The best removal efficiency was about 90% for 10nm Al2O3 particle, which it is the best performance reported to date.
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