Nanotech 2010

Surface Enhanced Raman Utilizing Magentic Core Silver Shell Nanoparticles

G.P. Glaspell

Keywords: SERS, Raman, Magntism, Silver


SERS is an extremely sensitive technique exploited in laboratory investigations to provide single molecule detection. In sensor applications, this sensitivity has not been fully realized in part due to the low scattering efficiency. We hypothesize that to improve this efficiency, it is necessary to concentrate the analyte and the nanoparticles together. While this is impossible with conventional noble metal nanoparticles it becomes possible with core-shell nanoparticles. To test this hypothesis, we propose through experimentation that by utilizing core-shell nanoparticles, where the surface is a noble metal and the core is magnetic, the nanoparticles can be concentrated along magnetic field gradients. In addition, the close proximity of the nanoparticles to each other results in further enhancement. Using this configuration, it should be possible to investigate a hybrid SERS – Magneto sensor for a variety of analytes such as explosives or chemical hazards.
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