Nanotech 2010

An Investigation of superparamagnetism in Mn-Zn Nano- structural Ferrite thin films produced by Pulsed Laser Deposition(PLD)

D. Ravinder
Osmania University, IN

Keywords: nano-structural thin films, superparamagnetism, pulsed laser deposition, Mn-Zn ferrite thin films


Mn-Zn ferrite thin films were deposited from a target of Mn-Zn ferrite onto a sapphire substrate using XeCl excimer laser operating 308 nm with an energy of 225 mJ and a frequency of 30 Hz. Films were deposited from the target onto sapphire(001)substrates heated to 6500 C in an oxygen atmosphere of 100 m Torr. The laser beam was incident on the target face at an angle of 450. Studies on crystal structure were done by X-ray diffactometry(XRD).The surface texture, cross-section morphology and grain size was observed by JEOL-JSM-6400 scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy (AFM) and magnetic force microscopy(MFM)[Model DI 3000,Digital instruments]. Magnetic measurements were performed in the temperature range 5-300K and in fields of 5T using Quantum Design SQUID Magnetometer. Field –cooled (FC) and zero-field-cooled(ZFC) magnetization studies have also been carried out at low fields from 5-300K. Data on temperature and field dependence of magnetization provides a strong evidence for superparamagnetism.
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