Nanotech 2010

Growth of Vertically Aligned Single Emitter with Carbon Nanotips

J.H. Ryu, N.Y. Bae, H.M. Oh, E.H. Lee, W.M. Bae, A.N. Ha, J. Jang, K.C. Park
Kyung Hee Univ., KR

Keywords: CNT, Single emitter, Emission


For enhanced and stable electron emission, electron sources should strongly adhere to the substrate and have robust emitter structures with sharp tips, which do not change and degrade during normal operation. In this paper, we grow a stabilized carbon nanotubes with surface functionalization by plasma reaction. The functionalized CNT emitters were consisted of carbon nanotubes with silicon and nitrogen elements at the periphery. The silicon atoms diffuse through walls of CNTs in single emitter and plasma reaction with substrate. Finally, we obtained enhanced and stabilized electron emission from the single emitters. The structural and electron emission properties of the functionalized emitters are discussed. The CNT-field emitter array (CNT-FEA) was grown by resist-assisted patterning (RAP) process and the detailed process flow for RAP was reported earlier [1, 2]. On the Ni surface resist is patterned with 3 µm island size and the island to island pitch of 15 µm for single type.
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