Nanotech 2010

Maintaining a Stable Engineered Nanomaterials Process through Material Characterization

A.W. Salamon
PerkinElmer Instruments, US

Keywords: nanomaterials


It is important to understand that the excitement regarding the synthesis and application of nanomaterials is based on the fact that they are very small in size, and their characteristics and behavior are quite different to bulk materials with the same composition. Consequently, the range of parameters that has to be assessed to characterize these materials is large. Fundamentally there are seven key characteristics that contribute to the uniqueness of nanomaterials. In addition to the key seven characteristics, there are two additional qualities that are unique to nanomaterials and important in characterizing them. These are agglomeration, which is the tendency of the particles to clump together and form larger combined particles, and the particle size distribution. This paper is an overview of nanomaterial characterization needed to ensure a stable Nanomaterial manufacturing process from beginning to end.
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