Nanotech 2010

Synthesis and Application of nano-size polymer colloids at The Dow Chemical Company (invited presentation)

C.J. Tucker
The Dow Chemical Company, US

Keywords: microemulsion, nanoparticle poragen, vesicle, diblock surfactant, encapsulation


Over the last 50+ years The Dow Chemical Company has sponsored numerous research programs involving the preparation and use of nano-size colloidal systems. The nano-colloids used range from soft (liquid microemulsions) to solid (polymeric) materials and from organic to inorganic. Application areas include catalysis, polymer latices, delivery systems, consumer and personal care products, reaction media and nanoporous media. In this paper a fundamental study and two related application areas will be reviewed. The first topic covered is fundamentals of microemulsion formulation, followed by their application in the preparation of nano-sized polymer colloids. Also reviewed will be the use of amphipathic block copolymers to form highly stable unilamellar and multilamellar vesicles and their use as delivery systems for sensitive functional ingredients.
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