Nanotech 2010

Innovation Alliance Carbon Nanotubes - A novel collaboration model to enter upcoming markets

P. Krüger, H. Hoffschulz, T. Görgen
Bayer Technology Services GmbH, DE

Keywords: carbon nanotubes, CNT, innovation alliance, Inno.CNT


Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) are known for several decades and this class of materials has been an object of intensive scientific and technical investigations within this time period. Based on exciting results they have achieved enormous attention and attraction within the research community. However, the technology transfer from the laboratory to industrial scale CNT production took a long time, so that CNT on a commercial scale and quality with competitive prices are just available since few years ago. But despite of diverse highly promising technical opportunities, offered by commercially available CNT, the broad use of CNT based materials and their applications is currently not in that development stage as it was expected before.. To exploit the potential of CNT to the full, the Innovation Alliance CNT (Inno.CNT) has been created with the support of Germany’s Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). The overall goal of the initiative is to develop and establish responsibly the basis for the technology and applications of CNTs for a future key market in Germany, serving as a global leader in the field of innovative carbon nanomaterials in the furure. For this purpose, a large group of around 70 expert partners from industry and science have joined forces to form a strong, interdisciplinary innovation alliance in a unique manner.
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