Nanotech 2010

The Application of the Fixed Beam Moving Stage (FBMS) Lithography Mode and the Metrology Toolset to Fabricate and Measure Waveguide Coupling Devices

J. E. Sanabia, J. Klingfus, M. Aktary
Raith USA, Inc., US

Keywords: lithography, fixed beam moving stage, FBMS


The Fixed Beam Moving Stage (FBMS) lithography mode is a feature of Raith electron beam and ion beam lithography systems that is unique among Gaussian, vector scanning lithography systems today. FBMS is a zero stitching error writing strategy that is capable of creating extremely long, smooth, and continuous lines of arbitrary curvature. The resulting FBMS lines have small linewidth variance and are free of the stitching errors found in traditional vector scanning, stage stepping electron beam lithography systems. The FBMS lithography mode is therefore the mode of choice for long waveguide fabrication. Here we present the application of FBMS on the Raith e_LiNE electron beam lithography system towards the fabrication of waveguide coupling devices. The metrology toolset on the Raith e_LiNE system is subsequently used to perform metrology upon the waveguide structures. These results serve as a benchmark for the FBMS lithography mode on the Raith e_LiNE system, and similar results are anticipated for FBMS on the RAITH150-TWO electron beam- and the Raith ionLiNE ion beam- lithography systems.
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