Nanotech 2010

Pervaporation of n-Butanol by ZSM-5 Zeolite Membrane

C. Kong, M. Cho, Y. Lee
Chungnam National University, KR

Keywords: n-butnaol, ZSM5, membrane, pervaporation


Since a depletion of fossil fuels is expected in a near future, the research and the development looking for the alternative fuel have been carried out for a long time. Several studies have focused on the product recovery step from the fermentation to develop a new alcohol production process with a relatively low cost. A membrane technology was found to be one of the newly developed processes to recover an alcohol. A pervaporation membrane process is known to be an energy-efficient alternative to a distillation for separation of organic compounds from water. The ZSM-5 membrane was chosen for pervaporation of n-butanol from an aqueous solution since its crystal structure is composed of numerous nano size pores which has a quite strong hydrophobic property.
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