Nanotech 2010

Magnetic Nanotubes from Biologically Active Molecules (invited presentation)

M. Yu, M.W. Urban
Healedia, LLC, US

Keywords: magnetic materials, phospholipids, ferromagnetic


Due to numerous applications ranging from nano-fluidics to drug delivery, biosensing and magnetic resonance imaging, or many potential next generations of high technology products, nanomagnetic materials are of great interest. Because morphological and structural features and are one of the major contributors to magnetic properties, a quest for developing new magnetic nano-shapes continues. Recently, we utilized biologically active phospholipids (PLs) as templates to produce ferromagnetic magnetite/carbon/magnetite concentric nanotubes (FMNTs).1 Since geometry and size play a crucial role in achieving desirable magnetic properties, we report how to control the geometry of FMNTs. Figure 1 illustrates examples of various morphologies with tailored electric and magnetic properties. These materials can be also imbedded into a variety of polymer matrices and their alignment can be controlled, thus enabling the formation of multi-layered composite morphologies.
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