Nanotech 2010

Novel opportunities for nanoscale surface scanning probe lithography (invited presentation)

S. Rozhok, R. Shile, J. Fragala, N. Amro, M. Nelson
NanoInk, US

Keywords: dip-pen nanolithography


One of the challenges that nanolithography is facing these days is creating large-area nanoscale patterns with high-throughput, reproducibility and low cost. In response to these needs many nanotech companies focus their efforts on developing innovative technologies and tools with advanced capabilities. Here we report on a nanolithography instrument with extensive capabilities for direct patterning of micron-, submicron-, and nanometer-scale features at ambient conditions. The instrument has been recently built by NanoInk, Inc. and is commercially available as the Nanolithography Platform (NLP) 2000. Together with surface patterning tools that utilize atomic force microscopy tips the NLP enables deposition of materials in the femto- and attolitter volume range. For rapid fabrication of millions of features over macro areas the instrument uses MEMS developments like 1D and 2D parallel pen arrays and microfluidic systems. These MEMS significantly expand scanning probe nanolithography capabilities for mass production applications. New capabilities of the NLP cover a broad range of micro- and nanofabrication applications, such as array patterning, integration, assembly or growth of molecular structures. Customized software allows the user to implement a fully automated patterning process on standard microscope glass slides or custom substrates, including devices with integrated circuits for nanoscale manufacturing. Currently NanoInk is focused on developing high-throughput processes for fabrication of arrays of biological molecules such as antibodies, proteins and DNA. Examples of fabrication of multi-component nanoarrays composed of different biological and chemical molecules will be presented.
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