Nanotech 2010

Cost Efficient Method of Rapid Prototyping of Microfluidic Channels and Lab-on-chip Applications

N. Alavi, C. Drewbrook, M. Akbari, A. Khosla
Simon Fraser University, CA

Keywords: microfluidics, microchannels, microfabrication, lab-on-chip


The fabrication of microchannels and microfluidic chips using methods such as soft lithography is very costly, from the expensive equipment that is enormous in size, along with the need for clean rooms with strict safety rules, to the valuable time lost for an inefficient and time consuming production system. We have developed an inexpensive method of making rapid prototyped microfluidic chips. Our faster, more efficient method allows the customer to modify their microchannel network and lab-on-chip configurations without having to change lithographic masks, and thus have the chip finished in a few hours.
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