Nanotech 2010

Investigation on Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Transparent Conductive Films

S.L. Kuo, S.J. Huang, J.M. Hwu, Y.F. Li, W.K. Hsu
Industrial Technology Research Institute, TW

Keywords: carbon nanotube, transparent conductive film, charge transfer


Carbon nanotube shows potential in applications on flexible transparent conductive films due to its high electrical conductivity and mechanical strength. Electrical performance of carbon nanotubes film is suggested dominated by charge transfer resistance of both CNT itself and intertube junction. In this work, thin CNTs were first synthesized via floating catalyst chemical vapor deposition (FC-CVD) process and further purified with hydrogen peroxide and acid, which enables CNT to have high structure integrity. The CNT properties were characterized by SEM, TEM, Raman, and FIB-four point measurement. Furthermore, charge transfer mechanisms of CNT films have been investigated. Thin CNT film showed quasi-1D Mott variable range hopping (VRH) conduction mechanism. The energy barrier of electron hopping could be further changed by adjusting substrate surface. In addition, influence of CNT network morphology on film performance was also evidenced. The optimized CNT film exhibit a random-oriented nanotube network with a sheet resistance of 800 Ω/□ at 94% transparency.
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