Nanotech 2010

Metal particles electroplated on MWCNT sheets

J.-H. Kim, K.H. Lee, C.D. Miller, L.J. Overzet, G.S. Lee
University of Texas at Dallas, US

Keywords: carbon nanotube, sheet, composite, particle


We show that electrodepositing metal particles on MWCNT sheets results in composite materials with properties that represent significant progress in various applications. When Ni metal was electrodeposited on the sheets, isolated FCC-Ni particles were formed. As the electrodeposition time increases from 5 min to 1 hr, the Ni particle size increases from ~ 90 nm to ~ 220 nm. The Ni particles were formed on strings or bundles of MWCNTs. The sheet resistance of the composites was not changed from that of the as-spun sheets. This means that the continuity of the sheets is not only preserved even after Ni particles are formed on the sheets, but also the Ni particles are isolated each other. However, when Ni metal was electrodeposited on the sheets for 2 hr, the Ni particles became interconnected, forming a continuous 1.5 µm thick Ni film. The sheet resistances of the composites decreases substantially after Ni particles are electrodeposited for 2hr, when the Ni particles become a continuous film Meanwhile, we grew CNTs for 10 sec on the composite. CNTs and/or carbon fibers were grown on the large Ni particles of the composite, indicating that the Ni particles are active for their growth.
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