Nanotech 2010

Nano-carriers for targeted drug delivery in cancer therapy

R. Kaushik, R. Patel, I. Kadiyala, R. Alargova, R. Shawgo, F. Berlioz-Seux, H. Li, U. Germann, M. Briggs
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated, US

Keywords: cancer, liposomes, protein nanoparticles, targeted delivery, nanotechnology


During the past decade novel nanotechnology therapies have shown to improve the therapeutic index of the cancer drugs by targeted delivery. Delivering the drug right on target results in increased drug therapeutic effect and therefore reduced toxicity associated with the dose and the frequency of administration. Examples of nanotechnology therapies include liposomes, micelles, protein, and polymeric nanoparticles.The present work describes the preparation and characterization of drug-protein composite nanoparticles and liposome formulations and their possible application for targeted delivery in cancer therapy.
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