Nanotech 2010

Polymer Nanocomposites Developed With Silanized Carbon Nanotubes

A.L. Martínez-Hernández, C. Velasco-Santos, W. Brostow, V.M Castaño
Instituto Tecnologico De Queretaro, MX

Keywords: silanization, carbon nanotubes, polymer nanocomposites


Research related with carbon nanotube polymer composites has been rising significantly in the last decade. Functionalization is important route in these composites to improve compatibility between polymer matrices and carbon nanotubes (CNs). Here is presented a silanization process in CNs surface following an approach previously developed . Chemically-silanized multiwalled carbon nanotubes were included into polymer matrix using in situ polymerization. Polymer compatible functional groups in carbon nanotube surface were characterized by Infrared spectroscopy. These chemical moieties improve interaction at interface level producing that nanocomposites show relevant transfer of mechanical load which is reflected in mechanical and thermal properties. The resulting composites were characterized by Dynamical Mechanical Analysis, showing that silanized nanotube composites present higher storage modulus (E´) than composites with unfunctionalized nanotubes and polymer matrix. In addition glass transition temperature is raised around 24°C. Besides, penetration depth results obtained by scratch analysis show that composites which contain unfunctionalized nanotubes present higher penetration depth than silanized nanotube composites. Chemical functionalization once more presents evidence to be considerer as an important route in order to develop the new era of huge modulus nanocomposites, in this case using typical coupling agents employed in conventional composites.
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