Nanotech 2010

Study of the surface modification of cerium oxide nanoparticles by ionic species adsorption

A. García, S. Recillas, E. Casals, E. González, V. Puntes, A. Sánchez, X. Font
Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, ES

Keywords: water treatment, adsorption, nanoparticle, phosphate, arsenate


Water treatment is one of the main health concerns around the world. The world’s supply of fresh water is running out. Improving access to safe drinking-water can result in tangible improvements to health. One of the promising technologies is based on nanotechnology devices and products. In the future, the impact of these nanomaterials on human health and environment would be critical issues involving the materials and process selection for water purification on large scale. One of the main process used in water treatment is the adsorption in nanoparticles (Np) or nanodevices. The synthesis and characterization of Np CeO2, the adsorption capacity of Arsenate, Phosphate, Chromates and organic ions at different initial concentrations were evaluated. The nanostructure before and after adsorption process was studied by TEM and ATR techniques. The Phosphate and Arsenate adsorption capacity obtained was 305 mg Phosphate/g NpCeO2 and 265 mg Arsenate/g NpCeO2 at initial concentration of 100mg/l. of phosphates/arsenates and 320mg/l of Np CeO2 initial. During the adsorption and desorption process several changes in morphology and surface chemistry were observed and correlated by the high adsorption capacity obtained. The nanoparticles obtained after the adsorption process of Phosphates were agglomerates of smaller nanoparticles (7-10 nm). Fused elongated nanoparticles (24 nm) were observed after desorption treatment with NaOH 0.5M. The nanoparticle morphology and size for NpCeO2-AsO4 after NaOH treatment were similar to the particles before NaOH desorption process. (nano-agglomerates of 7-10 nm in diameter).
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