Nanotech 2010

Evidence of Starch Inclusion Complex with Limonene Formed in High Water System

K. Kasemwong, W. Srinuanchai, O. Nuchuchua, U. Ruktanonchai
National Nanotechnology Center, TH

Keywords: starch, amylose, inclusion complexes, chemoprevention


The use of food-grade biopolymers, such as starch, has been suggested as an alternative carrier for the controlled delivery of food and drug ingredients. This staple food carbohydrate may form molecular inclusion complexes, termed V-amylose, with numerous ligands. In this study, we present an overview of simple process to exploit starch, natural and spontaneous tendency to form single helical molecular inclusion complexes as a possible model with potential implications for nano and micro-encapsulation. Additionally these molecular inclusion complexes could prospectively be used in a wide variety of applications in the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries including as a delivery system for the controlled and targeted delivery of nutrients, nutraceuticals and/or drugs to the lower gastrointestinal tract.
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