Nanotech 2010

Kilogram scale production of iron oxide nanocrystals with uniform size

W-J Myeong, K-H Park, B-S Jeon, E-G Kim, E. Kwon, T. Hyeon
Hanwha Chemical Corp., KR

Keywords: nanocrystal, semi-commercial, iron oxide, uniform size


A semi-commercial plant, which is able to prepare uniformly sized nanocrystals, was developed, and this batch system allowed fabricating more than 1kg of iron oxide nanocrystals. Nanocrystals having uniform size are so important that cannot be overemphasized, because the properties of the nanocrystals depend strongly on their dimensions. What is especially important is synthesizing uniformly sized nanocrystals in large scale. Ultra-large-scale synthesis of iron oxide nanocrystals having uniform size was realized via “Heat-up” method, which is known as the cheapest and industrially favorable method. A semi-commercial plant with 100 liter volume reactor and control equipments was designed, constructed and operated successfully, based on the heat-up method. By decomposing metal-oleate complex in a high temperature boiling solvent, it was able to produce more than 1 kg of iron oxide nanocrystals in a batch. The product particle produced from this plant had very uniform size, and it was able to control the size from 5nm to 25 nm by simply varying the reaction parameters.
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