Nanotech 2010

Thermoelectromechanical effects in two coupled quantum dots

S. Prabhakar, R.V.N. Melnik
Wilfrid Laurier University, CA

Keywords: QDs


Coupled Quantum Dots (QDs) or QDs arrays provide an attractive potential building block for the next generation logic devices in the existing post CMOS technology for the purpose of quantum computing. These QDs arrays also find applications in optoelectronic devices such as Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSEL), photo voltaic cells and other applications where they may face challenges from thermal loadings. The study of electromechanical effects in such devices becomes very important as most of the materials in semiconductor nano structures are piezoelectric in nature. In this paper, we present the numerical simulations for the band structure calculations of two coupled truncated GaN/AlN QDs under the influence of thermoelectroelasticity. By using Finite Element Method (FEM), we study the effect of thermoelasticity on the electronic properties of the two coupled truncated GaN/AlN QDs in the presence of wetting layers based on the 8 x 8 Hamiltonian. Several parameters such as electromechanical fields, eigenvalues and electron wave functions in the two coupled truncated GaN/AlN QDs are compared to the previously reported results for single GaN/AlN truncated QDs (Nanotechnology 20, 125402, 2009). Due to electron wave functions overlap in coupled QDs, these parameters become more sensitive to thermal loadings compared to single truncated quantum dots. A typical example of the analysis of our two coupled QDs structure is shown in Fig.1 where quantum confinements in the left and the right QD are demonstrated.
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