Nanotech 2010

Morphology Changes and Defects in Carbon Nanoparticles Due to Different Atom Arrangements

R. Sharma, S. Kwon, A. Sharma
Innovations And Solutions Inc, USA, US

Keywords: CNT, nanomaterials, polygon


Motivation: Pentagon and heptagon fullerene carbon nanostructures (CNT) have potentials in superlight weight industries. CNT have structural defects caused by irregular atom arrangement during CNT growth. For better use, it needs modifications to remove defects. To accomplish it, investigations were made to identify bad atom arrangement. Findings: Present study highlighted the following: 1. The arrangement of carbon atoms in CNT rings was complex and different from common 6 carbon atom ring in nature; 2.Structures with incorporated n-gons are a new kind of nanostructure composed of parts equal in atom arrangement joined with suitable carbon connection bonds; 3.Still a lot of bio-industrial and superlight-weight interest in these CNT structures is not focused because of n-gons structural properties are unknown in the entire CNT complex; 4. The carbon atom arrangement in n-gons may answer the troubleshooting the defects of lightweight CNT complexes as elements in nanoscale devices and composite materials; 5.The present nanotechnology development allows the complicated CNT nanostructures with limited known chemical properties in experimental conditions by using self-assemble processes and atom-by-atom manipulation in CNT; 6. The industrial demand is increasing for more specific superlight weight CNT nanocomposites with atomic properties suited to environmental climatic resistance with utrastrength in more complicated aero-industrial applications. Conclusion: To meet these industrial applications, the arrangement of n-gons in CNT structures become complicated with new applications tailoring with their modified arrangement in CNT structures. It also provides more functionality necessary through incorporation of different n-gons and their combinations. It also inspired the continuous and further study of the n-gon role, with the exception of pentagons and heptagons, on carbon nanoparticle properties.
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