Nanotech 2010

Transition Metal Oxide Films: Technology and “Smart Windows” Electrochromic Device Performance

K.A. Gesheva, T.M. Ivanova, M. Kozlov, S. Bojadjiev
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BG

Keywords: thin film coatings, electrochromic properties, smart windows


The presentation is related to technology and characterization of transition metal oxide thin films, based on W, Mo, Cr oxides, capable to undergone optical transmittance changes upon small voltage applied. These materials are envisaged for application in “smart windows” for energy control of the solar flux entering the car or building. A long-term studying is made on their technology and optimization. An electrochromic device with solid electrolite is envisaged in this study, and its electrochmic performance. The working electrode will be based on mixed MoO3-WO3 films, made by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition technology (APCVD). Counter electrod will be made of mixed APCVD-made MoO3-Cr2O3 films, showing no optical transmittance change upon small voltage applied, thus it serves as optically passive counter electrode. The colour efficiency and optical modulation of the device will be determined on the basis of voltammteric measurements in dependence on ions concentration in the electrolite and the potential scan rate.
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