Nanotech 2010

Enhanced photovoltaic performance of dye-sensitized solar cells using zinc oxide nanocone arrays as photoanodes

B.J. Ok, E-L Shim, J. Bae, Y.J. Choi, C.J. Kang
Myoungji University, KR

Keywords: nanowire, nanocone, DSSC


We demonstrate, for the first time, ZnO nanocones show higher conversion efficiency than ZnO nanowires when both morphologies of ZnO nanostructures are used as anodes in DSSCs and their photovoltaic performances are compared. To rigorously investigate the morphology dependence on the energy conversion efficiency, ZnO nanowires are converted to ZnO nanocones by dipping ZnO nanowires in an aqueous solution of acetic acid, making us prepare two different kinds of anodes having only difference of morphology (nanowires vs nanocones). The photovoltaic measurement on the two cells (nanowires vs nanocones) reveals that anode by ZnO nanocones exhibited higher power conversion efficiency than that by ZnO nanowires. The power conversion efficiency of DSSC based on ZnO nanowire was measured to be about 0.4% while that of ZnO nanocone based DSSC was 1.2%, indicating that the conversion efficiency of DSSCc using ZnO nanocone as photoanodes has been increased by three times compared with that of DSSCc using ZnO nanowires. This higher conversion efficiency by ZnO nancones anode can be attributed to higher surface area of ZnO nanocones compared with ZnO nanowires.
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