Nanotech 2010

Durable Super-Hydrophobic Nano-Composite Films

J. Chinn
Integrated Surface Technologies, US

Keywords: super hydrophobic, hydrophilic, oleophobic, liquid repellant


A new durable super-hydrophobic coating has been invented that protects cell phones and other portable electronic products from water or other liquid damage. The printed circuit boards of these consumer oriented products are placed into a chamber, were under controlled conditions in a vapor phase environment up to five chemicals are introduced and deposited onto the boards to produce a nano-composite coating. Up to 2,000 sq inches can be coated in about one hour. The main advantage of these liquid repellant coatings is, that the connectors on the printed circuit boards are also coated. That protects them as well, while electrical contact of the connectors is maintained, as opposed to spray-on coatings, where connectors are masked and remain unprotected. Integrated Surface Technologoies will be in booth 746
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