Nanotech 2010

In vivo distribution and glial activation of various types of functionalized carbon nanotubes within the brain parenchyma

A. Nunes, K.T. Al-Jamal, G. Bardi, A. Bianco, M. Prato, T. Pizzorusso, K. Kostarelos
Nanomedicine Lab, UK

Keywords: f-MWNT, TEM, brain distribution, cellular uptake, glia activation, Biocompatible


The potential of functionalised CNTs (f-CNT) for drug and gene delivery in the central nervous system (CNS) and as neural substrates renders the understanding of their interactions with the neuronal tissue essential. The approach of these study was to systematically explore the uptake of f-CNTs by neuronal cells and determine the neurotoxicological profile of three different types of functionalized MNWT (f-MWNT) prepared using three different chemical approaches. Distribution of the injected f-MWNT within the brain tissue was assessed by histological examination. Intracellular localisation was determined by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) of brain sections in the vicinity of the injection site. The effect on glial cell activation was assayed quantitatively by immunohistochemical staining of specific markers such as GFAP and CD11b. Our results indicated a noticeable difference in the observed brain distribution, pattern of cellular uptake and glial activation from the f-MWNT strongly dependent on the type of their surface functionalization.
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