Nanotech 2010

Synthesis of Magnetically Separable Photocatalyst-TiO2/SiO2 coated Mn-Zn Ferrite-and its Photocatalytic study

K. Laohhasurayotin, S. Pookboonmee, D. Viboonratanasri
National Science and Technology Development Agency, TH

Keywords: photocatalyst, ferrite, co-precipitation, magnetism


A manganese-zinc ferrite as a magnetically separable photocatalyst was synthesized by simple co-precipitation and the following silica as well as titanium dioxide coating through sol-gel techniques. The nanoparticle was found to be well induced by external magnetic field giving high saturation magnetization. The photocatalytic property over methylene blue solution was observed and the evidence of amorphous silica inhibition to electron transferring was seen.
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