Nanotech 2010

Features of nanosteel synthesized via arc discharge in diverse media and currents

F. Buazar
Khoramshahr Marine Science, IR

Keywords: PVP, media, current, nanosteel, arc discharge


Arc fabricated nanosteel particles size; purity, yield, and morphology are affected by media and current. At 80 A/cm2, five times smaller Nps are produced in the employed liquid media (distilled water, PVP saturated distilled water, and ethylene glycol). These are in comparison to those synthesized in gaseous media (nitrogen, and open air). Our results indicate that medium as important key factors for controlling the chemical compositions, particle sizes, and crystal structures of nanosteel Nps that are produced via arc discharge [1]. Meanwhile, the nanosteel Nps yields are strongly affected by the currents [2]. Changing current from 50 to 80 A/cm2 results in a decrease of Nps sizes in Liquid media. This is in contrast to their apparent size increase in the gaseous media [3]. SEM images and XRD profiles show the purest nanosteel particles formed in nitrogen, with an average size of 29 nm, at 50 A/cm2. Nps with relatively smallest size (7 nm) are obtained in distilled water, at 100 A/cm2, as a mixture of nanosteel and nano Fe3O4 particles. Our studies have shown that DC arc discharge due to its simple implementation appear cheap, low cost, and potentially apt procedure for high yield nanosteel particles production [4
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