Nanotech 2010

Magnetic and microstructure properties of Zn1-xNixO films and nanoparticles by sol-gel process

L. Arda, M. Acikgoz, A. Gungor
Bahcesehir University, TR

Keywords: zinc oxide, sol-gel, nanoparticles, coatings, ZnNiO


Zn1-xNixO precursor solutions with different ratio (x=0.01-0.2) were prepared by sol-gel synthesis using Zn and Ni based alkoxide. Reel-to-reel sol-dip coating method was used to grow Zn1-xNixO films. Zn1-xNixO nanoparticles and films, annealed at various temperatures, were tried to observe the doping ratio and temperature effects on magnetic and microstructure proper┬Čties. The surface morphologies of all samples were characterized by ESEM and EDS. The crystal structures of the ZnNiO powders were characterized using 2- x-ray diffraction (XRD). The alterations of the Lattice parameters have been obtained by TREOR program. ESR spectra of Zn1-xNixO powder samples were collected at room temperature. The magnetization and microstructure of the powders and films with different dopant ratios, temperature and time of annealing process are presented.
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