Nanotech 2010

Self-assembled Mono-molecular Boron Hydride Cluster Layers on Metal Surfaces and their Properties

T. Base, J. Bould, M.G.S. Londesborough, K. Lang
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, CZ

Keywords: boron hydride clusters, thiolated, self-assembled layers, corrosion resistance


We are concerned with investigating and exploiting the unique properties of boron hydride clusters in nanotechnology. One theme that we are currently developing, and in which we are building Intellectual Property, is the modification of surfaces, in particular silver, with mono-molecular layers of boron hydride clusters. Silver is an important metal with many applications. However, its sensitivity towards sulfurous compounds and other atmospheric pollutants often necessitates the protection of its surfaces. Recently, we have reported on the interactions between gold surfaces and thiolated carborane clusters possessing high dipole moments. At Nanotech 2010 we shall present recent results on the use of various cluster boron hydride species from our growing portfolio as modifiers on silver substrates. These species show superior protective capability compared to their organic analogues and, in some cases, have unique surface properties.
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