Nanotech 2010

Low Temperature Growth of Hydrophilic TiO2 Coatings

G.K.L. Goh, Q.L. Tay, G.S. Huang
Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, SG

Keywords: TiO2, film, hydrophilic, liquid phase deposition


In this study, TiO2 films are deposited at 60oC by the liquid phase deposition (LPD) technique. Unlike the sol-gel method, no further heat treatment is required to crystallize the film. Atomic force microscopy reveals that the highly transparent film consists of nanosized islands. More interestingly, contact angle measurements reveal water contact angles of between 15 and 20o without any application of UV light. Water contact angles for TiO2 films grown by LPD have previously been reported to be 40-70o. Therefore, this suggests a Wenzel condition for the present films in which the surface roughness increases the intrinsic quality of the surface. Thus, detailed study of the effect of growth parameters on surface roughness is required to identify optimum conditions for obtaining the lowest contact angles without application of UV irradiation. This is important since if such coatings can be optimized to be superhydrophilic without UV irradiation, they can be used indoors or where there is weak sunlight.
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