Nanotech 2010

Alignment of Si3N4 nanorods in Polypropylene single fibers

V.K. Rangari, M. Yousuf, S. Jeelani
Tuskegee University, US

Keywords: extrusion, alignment, silicon nitride, polymer


We have successfully aligned the silicon nitride nanorods in polypropylene single filaments through melt extrusion process. Significant enhancement in tensile properties has been observed for 1wt% rod shaped Si3N4 particles. The tensile results clearly show that the nanocomposite polymer filaments are much (272 %) higher in tensile strength and modulus (1000%) as compared to the neat polymer filaments. The FE-SEM study proves that the rod shaped particles can be successfully aligned in the extrusion direction. XRD results clearly show that increase in crystallinity for Si3N4/ polypropylene nanocomposite fibers. The DSC studies show that the crystallinity and glass transition temperature increased with the addition of Si3N4 particles
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