Nanotech 2010

[RSiO1.5]8/10/12 3-D Nanobuilding blocks (NBs) for structural, photonic and elec-tronic applications (invited presentation)

R.M. Laine
University of Michigan/Mayaterials Inc., US

Keywords: nanobuilding blocks, silsesquioxanes, POSS, electronic, photonic


The title compounds offer very high symmetry, with diameters of 1-1.5 nm and with 8, 10 or 12 vertices arrayed in 3-D. The R groups can be varied infinitely depending on desired functionality, targeted assembly mechanism and target global properties. Thus structures ranging from relatively linear polymers to 3-D networks are accessible. These materials are typically very soluble and thus easy to modify, purify and characterize. They offer very high thermal stabilities compared to all carbon analogs because of the intrinsic heat capacity of the silica cores. In addition, when R is conjugated the potential exists for these materials to exhibit 3-D conjugation in the excited state. It is also possible to prepared 3-D microporous materials that are also luminescent. This talk will present several general examples of the synthesis and properties of these materials.
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