Nanotech 2010

Flexible room-temperatrure gas sensors based on graphene films

H.K. Choi, H.Y. Jeong, D-S Lee, S-Y Choi

Keywords: graphene, CNT, gas sensor


We present a flexible room temperature gas sensor platform consisting of CVD-grown graphene films or vertical carbon nanotubes (CNTs)/reduced graphene hybrid films supported by polyimide substrates. The CVD-grown graphene films of 3~5 layers showed a highly sensitive and fast response to sub-ppm NO2 gas. A hybrid film, formed by the growth of a vertically aligned CNT array (with CNTs 20 µm in length) on the reduced graphene film surface, exhibited relatively slow response with weak N-P transitions. The outstanding flexibility of the graphene-based films ensured stable sensing performances in devices submitted to extreme bending stress. The tunable, large-scale, and reproducible graphene-based films can be readily integrated into the flexible gas sensor devices.
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