Nanotech 2010

Novel metal nanoslit by dewetting of thermally activated Au film on CNT

H. Im
Seoul National University, KR

Keywords: gold nanoslit, dewetting, carbon nanotube


It has been studied by many research groups to fabricate nano-sized hole or slit array of metal film. By using various fabrication methods, such as photolithography, and nano-imprint, have been studied. However, there still remain technical difficulties to reduce the slit size below 10nm scale. In the present work, a novel metal nanoslit made by dewetting phenomena of CNT/Au film is introduced. Without any conventional photolithography processes and nano-imprint method, 10nm nanoslit is successfully fabricated by using only CNT patterning and thermal treatment. Hence, it is an attractive technique with simple process and applicability to large area. We observed the Au nanoslits ranging from 10nm to 30nm depending on annealing temperature of the CNT/Au film. When thiol-groups and CNTs covered with Au film were heated, thermally activated Au atoms above the CNT moved to thiol-group region to minimize the surface energy of the Au film. As a result, an Au nanoslit with the size comparable to the CNT diameter was obtained. An array of Au nanoslits can be fabricated if a specimen is prepared with patterned CNT array.
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