Nanotech 2010

Formation of Drug Nanoparticles from Microemulsions

S. Magdassi, K. Margulis-Goshen
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL

Keywords: nanoparticles, microemulsions


A new method for preparation of water-insoluble organic nanoparticles, in a form of re-dispersible powder will be described. The method is based on rapid conversion of nanodroplets into nanoparticles, by evaporation of all volatile solvents from an emulsions containing a dissolved drug. The nanodroplets are formed by spontaneous assembly in microemulsion systems, in which a drug is dissolved in an “oil” phase which is a volatile solvent. The new method does not require any special instrumentation such as high pressure homogenizers. The conversion of the nanodroplets into nanoparticles takes place during rapid evaporation by spray drying.Dispersing the powder in water yields almost transparent solutions, with a dramatic improvement in dissolution rate.
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