Nanotech 2010

Novel Metal Oxide Deposition Method to Fabricate Nanostructures

R. Mansouri, M. Sandooghchian, M.R. Mansouri
Kerman Semiconductor Company and university of Payem -e- Noor, IR

Keywords: nano, deposition


by this project deposition of metal oxide like SnO2 was deposited on Si wafer by applying novel developed method and then ZnO pudgy nanopillars were fabricated on the very deposited layer. this new developed approach gives us to fabricate various nanostructures and addition new application and properties of them. However, this new method arise some advantages, which are brought following: • Easy and cheap process • Low waste • Fabricating some new nanostructures, for example aligned nanowire of ZnO by deposition of gold has been fabricated in pervious.
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