Nanotech 2010

Extended domains of organised metallic nanoparticles and study of their physical properties

M. Bechelany, X. Maeder, P. Brodard, W.M. Mook, E. Jamil, L. Philippe, J. Michler

Keywords: nanoparticles, gold, silver, SERS, natural lithography, ostwald ripening, coalescence


In this talk, we will describe the fabrication of ordered metallic (Au, Ag) nanodot arrays on Si substrates. It is known that the intrinsic properties of noble metal nanoparticles are mainly determined by their size, shape, density, composition, crystallinity and arrangement. Therefore thwo types of site-selective metal deposition methods based on the colloidal crystal templating will be described for the synthesis of different sizes, shapes and arrangements of Au nanodots. We will show for the first time the possibility to organize these nanoparticles in nanorings, nanodisks and nanocrowns using a very simple method. We will show in parallel, the control of the sintering mechanism of metallic nanoparticles (coalescence sintering or Ostwald ripening sintering) by heat treatment at different temperatures and under different atmospheres. The synthesis and characterization of these nanostructures will be discussed together with the studies of their physical properties (SERS and mechanical properties) and their utilisation as catalysts for the growth of aligned one-dimensional nanostructures.
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