Nanotech 2010

Rapid prototyping of graphene devices

A. Sagar, K. Kern, K. Balasubramanian
Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, DE

Keywords: graphene, carbon, nanoelectronic devices


The aspirations of 2D-carbon based electronics largely rely on the availability of a mass-production technique to obtain wafer-scale graphene circuits. In our work, we take the first step towards fulfilling this aspiration by demonstrating a rapid prototyping route for graphene-based devices. The method is based on the phenomenon of fluorescence quenching by graphene. We have observed that when graphene flakes are covered with dyes, the fluorescence of the dye is quenched, similar to observations made on carbon nanotubes. The extent of quenching increases with the number of layers in the graphene flake. We have successfully used this aspect to identify the number of layers in any flake. Based on this phenomenon, we have devised a novel photolithography technique utilizing just a single instrument (a confocal laser scanning microscope) to realize graphene devices. As it does not require previous characterization by optical, Raman or atomic force microscopy, devices can be fabricated on-the-fly without the use of markers, avoiding the necessity of electron-beam lithography (EBL). Due to these advantages, graphene devices can be realized at high throughput with the possibility of automated wafer-scale fabrication.
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