Nanotech 2010

The Reaction of Nano-scale Iron Fluidized in Microwave Radiation Field to Treat Chlorobenzene

C-L Lee, Y-S Wang, C-R Wu, H-P Wang, C.-J.G. Jou
National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, TW

Keywords: microwave radiation, fluidized nano-scale iron particles, chlorobenzene (CB)


Microwave (MW) energy is combined with nano-scale iron particles fluidized in aqueous chlorobenzene (CB) solution for reducing the activation energy of CB to enhance it decomposition. When the metal particles are fluidized in solution, the MW energy absorbed will be converted to heat at the particle surface so that the energy is evenly absorbed to generate heat that is evenly distributed in the solution leading to enhanced energy absorption, reaction rate and CB decomposition efficiency. Laboratory results show that when the CB solution is irradiated with 250 W MW for 300 sec, the fluidized nano-scale iron particles achieve better CB removal than un-fluidized nano-scale iron particles. The CB removal rate is enhanced by 1.1 times (92.8% vs. 82.8%), and the activation energy is reduced by 17.0%. The combined microwave irradiation with fluidizes nano-scale iron particles is effective in decomposing toxic organic substances such as CB as demonstrated in this laboratory study.
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