Nanotech 2010

Environmentally benign catalytic hydroxylation of benzene using metal-coordination polymers

H.S. Abbo, S.J.J. Titinchi
University of the Western Cape, ZA

Keywords: green oxidant, metal-coordination polymers, benzene hydroxylation


Environmentally benign synthetic processes of phenol from benzene via single step by using new two metal-Schiff-base coordination polymer were synthesized and characterized. These catalysts are derived from the ligand bis-bidentate 5,5’-methylene-bis(N-methylsalicyliden-1,2-diaminopropane) (MBSP) and metal ions [Co(II) and Mo(IV)]. The catalytic activity of these catalysts towards the hydroxylation of benzene was evaluated under heterogeneous conditions using hydrogen peroxide as a green oxidant. Under the optimized conditions, the Co-based catalyst show good activity with excellent selectivity (100%) towards phenol. These catalysts were stable in hydroxylation of phenol and were reused after recovering with no significant loss in their catalytic activity.
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