Nanotech 2010

In-situ techniques in optical spectroscopy for the analysis of carbon nanotubes

G. Freihofer, B. Mohan, S. Raghavan
University of Central Florida, US

Keywords: spectroscopy, in-situ


Optical Spectroscopy has shown promise as a fundamental characterization tool for carbon nanotubes (CNTs). With the potential of CNTs being utilized for aerospace applications, in-situ techniques including temperature and strain measurements with spectroscopy, are gaining significance. These techniques will provide valuable information to advance design and tailoring of CNT reinforcements in composites for maximum strength or damping. Development of these in-situ techniques allow for the study of the effects of external parameters on the spectra of CNTs. The results from these in-situ studies can further be used to develop non-invasive measurement capabilities to establish the integrity of CNT reinforced materials. In this study, changes in the peak’s width, intensity, area, and peak location were analyzed under an expansive in-situ temperature range, using a novel deconvolution and fitting algorithm. The findings are significant to the development of optical spectroscopy techniques as characterization tools for CNTs and CNT reinforced composites.
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