Nanotech 2010

CVD Graphene for Large-Area Electronics and Photovoltaics

L. Gomez, Y. Zhang, C. Zhou
University of Southern California, US

Keywords: carbon nanomaterials, Graphene, Electronic devices, CVD, Solar cells, Photovoltaics


The advance of graphene-based nanoelectronics has been hampered due to the difficulty in producing single or few-layers graphene over large areas. With the implementation of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) for graphene synthesis, graphene has seen new avenues for large-scale applications in electronic devices. In this work, we present details on CVD graphene formation mechanisms and their influence on the transport properties of graphene-based electronic devices. AFM, SEM and TEM microscopy, as well as electron diffraction, XPS, Raman spectroscopy and electrical measurements were employed to characterize the films. In addition, CVD graphene films were transferred to transparent substrates for photovoltaic cell fabrication. Solar cells made with the synthesized graphene films showed comparable performance to those fabricated with the standard indium tin oxide film (ITO) and showed superior performance than ITO cells under bending conditions. CVD Graphene constitutes a significant advance towards carbon-based, large-scale, high-performance electronics.
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