Bin Hu

Bin Hu

Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

University of Tennessee

Dr. Bin Hu received his Ph.D in Condensed Matter Physics from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991. His dissertation research was conducting polymers with the focus on interchain interaction effects on energy-band structure and dynamic processes of excited states. In 1992, Dr. Hu joined Department of Polymer Science and Engineering at University of Massachusetts/Amherst as a postdoctoral research fellow where he conducted the research on the development of advanced organic light-emitting diodes and solar cells using multi-component polymer blends. In 1995, Dr. Hu continued his polymer research at UMass/Amherst as a research scientist working on nano-morphology enhanced light-emitting, lasing, and photovoltaic functionalities of organic semicondcuting polymers. In 1998, Dr. Hu joined SICPA Securink Inc. as a senior research scientist where he led the R&D research on polymer polarized optical imaging technologies and organic two photon light-emitting materials. In 2002, Dr. Hu joined the faculty at University of Tennessee as an assistant Professor. Dr. Hu’s current research focuses on spin injection and magnetic field effects on optoelectronic processes of singlet and triplet excited states in organic light-emitting, lasing, and photovoltaic devices. The research activities include polymer synthesis and processing, device fabrication, and magneto-optoelectronic characterizations. The research objective is to control the constructive and non-constructive interactions of singlet and triplet excited states by using spin injection and magnetic field effects for the development next-generation organic semiconductor devices. Dr, Hu has authored or co-authored more than 40 scientific journal papers and has contributed to more than 20 oral presentations at national and international conferences including invited talks in APS, ACS, and SPIE meetings.

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