Characterization of Thermoelectric and Ternary Semicondutos by Thermogravimetry (TGA), Differerential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Laser Flash Analysis (LFA)

E. Post
Netzsch Instruments, DE

Keywords: thermoelectric, PbTe, CuGaSe2, TGA, DSC, MS, LF


PbTe and CuGaSe2 were investigated regarding the thermal stability and the evolved gases before and during melting by a TG-MS-Skimmer coupling system. The different gas species of the PbTe isotopes combination could be identified and quantified. Impurities and non-stoichiometry in CuGaSe2 due to the synthesis was also detected and will be shown as well. By DSC and LFA methods the heat capacity and thermal diffusivity of PbTe were determined and the temperature dependent thermal conductivity was calculated. The different methods used will be explained.