Microtech 2011

Microtech Commercial Applications - Yole Special Symposia

Symposia Sponsor

Symposia Chair

Yole Développement;
Jeff Perkins Jeffrey N. Perkins
Yole, Inc., USA


This special program is targeted at wafer based micro machining technologies and micro-machined devices. The emphasis is on “novel silicon” devices such as: MEMS devices, LED’s, microfluidics, power electronics…. A continuous stream of new technologies, new approaches and innovation driven by an incessant demand to “shrink” and or “integrate” solutions across a variety of applications is driving this market. The event will embrace technologies across the entire range from well-established electronic devices to esoteric solutions on the frontier.

Conference presentations will come from two distinct areas: an existing base of manufacturers who produce devices for a variety of markets; and, companies looking to develop markets for micro manufacturing solutions (materials, equipment, etc..) they have developed. Attendees will be researchers, engineers, designers and buyers from a wide array of markets whose applications are demanding further miniaturization, greater integration and increased functionality provided by novel silicon technologies. Applications cover automotive, medical, telecom, industrial, IT and consumer markets.

Keywords: MEMS, SiC, GaN, Microfluidics, LED, RF, Power, Opto-electronics

For program details and speaking interests please contact Jeff Perkins directly at:

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