Microtech 2011

Pixtronix DMS™ MEMS Technology for Broad Spectrum of Display System Applications

Richard  Payne

Richard Payne

Vice President

Pixtronix, Inc

Richard S. Payne has spent the last 25 years trying to make money using MEMS in companies large and small.. He is VP at Pixtronix, Inc. responsible for Engineering of an exciting new display called DMS™ Technology. Previously he was VP at Polychromix Inc. and Chief Scientist at OMM, Inc. During his earlier large-company period, Richie worked for 17 years at Analog Devices founding the MEMS activities within it, and 10 years Bell Laboratories where he worked on Ion Implantation applying it to Bipolar and CMOS Technology Development. He has an AB (1964) from Dartmouth and a Ph.D. in Physics (1970) from Yale. He is an IEEE Fellow and recipient of the 1992 IEEE J. J. Ebers Award for his work with Lou Parrillo on Twin-Tub CMOS.

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