Microtech 2011

u-Helix 3D-antenna technology

P. Nenzi
Sapienza - Università di Roma, IT

Keywords: antennas, phased array, system-in-package


A new technology for the integration of 3D antenna structure in packages will be presented. The integration of antennas on top of silicon chips or, in the same package is viable for frequencies above 40GHz where, a broad range of applications is being developed, from automotive RADARs to hi-speed indoor communication links. In existing technologies, planar antennas are integrated onto silicon chip or in package by using the top metal layer of chip interconnect or one of the metal layers in the package, respectively. Such technologies limit the available topologies to planar structures. In the presented technology this limitation is overcome and full 3D antennas can be integrated, thus obtaining high-directivity and high-gain structures. The technology has been applied to the realization of a tapered helical antenna (u-helix) and an array of such antennas has been demonstrated for operation at 77 GHz. Antenna structures have been realized. The performances of the single antenna have been simulated with NEC2 and FEKO (method of moments simulators) and results matched the one in literature. Experimental verification of results in on-going.

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